Snapshot review of Two World Bank COVID-19 Health support programs in Egypt Table of Contents Abstract 1 Study questions 1 Methodology 3 Findings 6 A. Access to information Al Husseiniya Hospital- A Case Study 8 9 B. Grievance redress mechanisms 10 C. Comparative analysis of World Bank COVID-19 Loans 12 MENA Regional Analysis 12 General Global Regional Analysis 14 D. Document Availability 15 Conclusion and Recommendations 17 Appendixes 20 Appendix A: Covid-19 funding for Egypt 20 Appendix B: Grievance Trial Attempts 21 Appendix C: Grievance Redress Tracking 22 22 Appendix D: African Regional Analysis 23 Appendix E: South Asia Regional Analysis 24 Appendix F: East Asia and Pacific Regional Analysis 25 References 26

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